Like a saturday afternoon

Like a saturday afternoon, alone, husband left to ski for like the twentieth time in 2 months. And not exagerating a bit !

When you planned something that didn’t turn out like you first planned it. And finally you are at home on a sat afternoon, free, and actually a bit bored. Even though your to do list takes 3 pages. You know the feeling ?

I had a great business meeting this morning, with my good friend who is an expert about social media and web marketing. She always has such good advice for me. We were supposed to talk about helping me out getting ideas to promote the blog on facebook. Turned out like a shrink session about my doubts and objectives in my life. She figured out what i needed the most at the moment. Anyway, i am going to use her advice about writing down my goals and wishes for the blog, and else… She put words where i coudn’t. I have to focus on what is important to me, and give extra time to what’s worth, and stop what doesn’t. When i began the blog, i had time. Plenty of time. I was unemployed, and about to move to Canada. Then we moved, and then i found a part time job. I thought a 20 hours job would leave me time enough to work on the blog and other projects. What i hadn’t planned, is that part-time comes with « out of cash ». So the need to work more became urgent. Unfortunately, i still have a part time job but that doesnt leave me time to work somewhere else. Plus the money is still no good. So im left with no time and no money.

This is kind of an apology for not taking the blog seriously enough and not sharing posts and recipes as much as i want to. So the question now is : what can i do about it ? And more importantly: what do i want about it ?

You must wonder why I am writing this post in english as I am french. Well, you must think I am crazy, but it looks like my inner voice, the one that constantly speaks, analyzes, criticizes, and is so tiring cause it never stops, this inner voice is in english. Weird for a french girl, right ? Well, believe it or not, i have no writing inspiration when it comes to write in french. Probably since I stopped reading french books. And since im watching english netflix series all the time. Litterally ALL the time if you ask my husband, just as i would turn on the radio. He hates it, but he loves me !

So, as a conclusion to the mess in my mind right now, I need to figure out things and really work on my issues. And it is so good to just be true to myself here. Stop acting like everything’s awesome in my life. Cause that’s what a blog is supposed to be no ? Personal. Like a diary right ?

Cause writing always inspired me. Clearing my head, ordering my thoughts, finding what’s important to me.

I was supposed to write an article about vegan salted chocolate chips cookie today, and that’s how it turned out. Just like this morning session, everything is turning into a shrink consult. Well, thank you for listening, and I promise that you’ll get that yummy recipe soon :-)

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